We are not
a one trick

— We Are

An interior design studio based in Melbourne. Bridging the gap between architecture and visual arts. Pursuing design with intent. Looking at the bigger picture, by considering all of the little things. And because we are constantly hunting, We Are Huntly.

Simple is

See the positive in the negative (space). A room filled with things can tell you a lot. A room with just a few can tell you more. Each aspect- a chair, a texture, a light- is just how we intended it to be.

should be

— We think ahead.

About the bright morning light hitting your toes first- not your face. It’s not a feature that steals your attention as you walk in, but rather a feeling that lingers in your mind after you’ve left.

is in the

That lighting is beautiful, if you plan on seducing your husband every night. We take the time to consider the seemingly little things. After all, it’s all those little details that form the bigger picture.

Form is
by function

Linen sofas are nice, until you spill red wine on them. To us, beauty is not only found in the way something looks, but also in the way it works. Every aesthetic decision should be grounded by purpose, so that we can create a space for you to be in, live in, work in; not just look at.