This is not…

Your average run-of-the-mill South Yarra apartment.

 This is…

A warm and intimate apartment that maximises every space to create a functioning and inviting home-away-from-home.

A space that is unexpected and asymmetrically balanced using an installation of beautiful objects, the South Yarra Residence maximises every aspect.

From the moment you step inside this considered home, a stone ledge and polished plaster niche immediately welcomes you. Curved walls complement the asymmetric nature of the apartment and open up the dining area to create a feeling of space.

A full-height custom mirror was added to further enhance this sense of openness while reflecting the heritage façade and tree-lined street beyond the terrace.

The living room joinery pushed all the boundaries, featuring the finest frame achievable with minimal fixings sees the timber shelves held only by the simplicity of a welded pin detail.

Considered and understated throughout, new paint, carpet, window treatments and wax-plaster finishes were introduced on various surfaces to create depth and drama.

Photography: Sharyn Cairns

Art direction: Andrea Moore

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