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By qepdz Feb16,2024

It’s crucial to choose a rug that will complement the style of your interior. Many rugs are versatile and can be used with a variety of different interior styles. However, choosing the wrong carpet for your home could ruin its overall appearance. Here is some expert advice to help you select the perfect rug for your interior based on your home’s style.

Traditional Home

Many rug designs look new but have been around for a long time. Traditional Rug Collection! The conventional rug patterns are often a window into the past – from Persian designs to tribal patterns used for centuries. We sell a variety of new rugs that are made with durable materials and feature the traditional patterns you love. The quality of the carpet is a key factor to consider when choosing a conventional piece for your traditional home. Colours. The classic designs are often ‘busy,’ but in a positive way. You don’t want to choose a rug that clashes with the rest of your decor. How do you choose the right rug color? Pick colors that are already in your room to get the best result. Choose a traditional rug with colors you already have in your room. If you already have a lot going on in your room, then a neutral color rug is a good choice. Finding the right balance is key.

Contemporary Home

Consider adding subtle patterns to your modern space if you have clean lines and simple furniture. Diamond rugs work well for this, as they have a minimalistic design with a classic look. Check out our Valencia, Noble Diamond Shaggy, Fashion Carving, and Cambridge Shaggy. Aysgarth Tribal Rugs Diamond patterned textiles are a great choice! You might also want to make a more dramatic statement with the rug you choose. Bold colors and vibrant patterns will do the trick. Our Villa Multi Blocks rug This piece is a great statement piece because it incorporates almost every color! You can still style a modern room. Traditional rug. Just check out our website. Check out our How To Fit A Traditional Rug In A Modern Space. Learn how to master this trend with our guide. You don’t need to go all traditional to add character and style. There are some gorgeous and fashionable distressed Persian rugs with a modern color palette and contemporary influences.

Small Room?

It can be challenging to decorate a small space, as you have less room to work with. You need to make the most of your space. You can also find out more about the following: Have right. We recommend avoiding bright, busy rugs when choosing the best rug style for your home. They can make a room feel smaller and more crowded, no matter how jazzy they are. Focus on neutral, simple, and light rugs to open up the space and make it feel larger.

Big Room?

You can really go to town when choosing a rug for a large room. In fact, if you have the space, you could even style. You can find out more about this by clicking here. Check out our rug ideas for a bedroom. Multiple Rug Styling Guide Inspiration! Make sure you pick a large enough rug. A small rug is going to look out of place and will be lost in the space. A large area rug will complement your interior.

Dark Interior

When you are looking for a rug that will go in a dark space, it is a great way to bring some light to your interior. Dark colors can rob light. Choose light neutrals or greys instead. More interior tips to lighten a dark space can be found here. Check out our interior tips. Here, we discuss how to add light to a dark space! Our interior design ideas will work with any style! Range of Rugs: All are catered for. Be sure to check it out. Visit our Instagram Visual inspiration for your interiors featuring our beautiful products!

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