Rugs as wall art

By qepdz Feb16,2024

House Beautiful, as well as interior bloggers, have stated that the current interior trend is to ‘hang the humble floor accessory.’ Pinterest is a hotbed of statement rug wall hangings, which are rugs used as art. We’ll discuss the current wall art trend and offer tips on how to best attach your rug to the wall. Choose Your Rug Wall Hanging

Statement rugs can be a great way to upgrade a room. But using a rug on the wall is an excellent way to give your room a contemporary, edgy feel. We’re used for the focal point in a room to be a painting or print. Interior designers encourage us to look outside the box with rugs. They believe that rugs should not be used merely as a finishing piece but as the centerpiece of the room to breathe new life into the space. To achieve a modern, chic appearance, choose rugs with bolder, more colorful patterns. Keep in mind the style and color of the room where you plan to hang the rug. It would be best if you rode a rug on the wall in a room that has neutral colors and limited patterns. This will allow the rug to really stand out. How to turn your rug wall-hanging

  • It’s now time to hang your statement rug. Before turning your rug, you’ll need to make a few important decisions: You can choose to have your rug hang flush or free. This will affect the method that you use.
  • It goes without saying when choosing the wall, you should keep in mind the size of your rug!
  • Avoid placing your rug near a wall that receives direct sunlight. The exposure to the sun can cause serious damage.
  • Vacuum your hanging rug at least once in a few months.
  • Avoid sticky adhesives

Here are two easy ways to hang a rug in a living room. Casing

  • This method is perfect for heavyweight rugs. This involves sewing a casing onto the back of your carpet. The casing is a tube of fabric that creates a snug fit for a rod on top of the rug. Materials required: Fabrics such as heavy cotton, linen, or cotton will be sturdy.
  • Carpet Thread
  • Scissors
  • Rod
  • Wall anchor
  • Drill and screws
  1. Estimated time: 3 hours. InstructionsChoose whether you want the rod to come out on either side of your rug.
    1. If you do not want to see the rug, measure its width and subtract four inches on either side.
    2. You can measure the rug width by subtracting 2 inches.
  2. You can measure the thickness of your rod. Your rod should fit snugly in the casing. Your rug should be about a few inches longer than your fabric. The width of the fabric should equal your rod thickness plus 3 inches.
  3. Attach the fabric directly to the top section of the rug after measuring it. For best support, try to use two warp threads per stitch.
  4. Please measure the width of the rug and the location you wish to hang it. Drill and screw the anchors into the wall.
  5. Hang the rug by sliding the rod through the rug’s casing.

Follow the instructions on WikiHow Visuals are important! Velcro

  • As described by The Spruce, Velcro is an excellent way to hang your rugs on the wall. Velcro is considered the best way to preserve and hang your rug. The method involves hand-stitching Velcro on the back of the carpet. This is a great option because the stitching can be easily removed if you want to return your rug to the floor. For heavier, larger rugs, it is best to use a 2-inch-thick strip. Do not use sticky back Velcro, as it can be difficult to remove. It may also leave a residue on your rug. Materials: Velcro 2-inch wide, sold by the yard
  • Unbleached muslin fabrics
  • Carpet thread and needle scissors
  • Flat wood 2.5 inches wide
  • Staple gun drill screws, stud finder
  1. Estimated time: 2 hours. Instructions: The Velcro and the muslin cloth are to the size of the rug.
  2. The fuzzy side of the Velcro tape should be facing away from your muslin fabric. Sew the muslin strips directly onto the rug’s back using a whip-stitch using carpet thread to match your rug.
  3. Take a piece of flat-treated wood the same length as your rug, plus an additional 2.5 inches.
  4. Attach the Velcro’s ‘hooked hard side’ to the wood using a staple gun. Staple every 6 inches or so to ensure a good hold.
  5. Use screws and a drill to mount the wood on your wall.
  6. Velcro your rug!

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