Winter Decorating Ideas to Make Your Home Feel Warmer

By qepdz Feb16,2024

Entering into the winter months, there’s nothing we want more than to come home to a toasty house that feels welcoming and cozy. How easily achievable this is depends on the house in question, with some being larger and more draughty, whereas other, smaller variants are more on the airtight and snug side already. While a little extra effort is often required to cozy up larger spaces, either way, we have some fantastic winter decor ideas to help you prepare your home for winter:

Layers are Key

When temperatures hit the single digits, or even worse, the minus digits, layers are going to become your home’s best friend. If you’re thinking about how to make a room feel warmer, the textiles and layers that you choose to introduce can make a huge difference. For living rooms and bedrooms, chucking in some faux fur throws can add considerable comfort and warmth, immediately taking your home from autumn to winter in a snap!

Use Stylish Draught Excluders

You can make a room look as cozy as possible, but you’ll always feel the cold by your feet if there are draughts creeping in. Draughts often enter from underneath doors, particularly in older houses, and in such cases, draught excluders can be super effective in blocking these. Don’t worry; we don’t mean placing unattractive sandbags at the bottom of your doors, but instead, investing in some stylish draught excluders that do exactly what they say on the tin- all while looking chic at the same time! If you need some inspiration, Not On The High Street offers some great under-door draught solutions with their stylish excluders. Your windows can produce draughts, too, particularly if they’re old. In these cases, curtains and blinds are the best draught excluders you can utilize. If you have light curtains or none at all, installing heavy, thick curtains can considerably help prevent cold air from entering the room and warm air from escaping it. Plus, they look fabulous too! Opt for statement curtains with bold patterns and colors, or go full winter decor with warm, earthy tones.

Use Rugs to Add Warmth to Your Floor

On the topic of comfort and warmth by your toes, it’s essential that your floor be well-equipped to keep you feeling snug when preparing your home for winter. Hardwood flooring and tiling may look nice but can quickly contribute to making a room feel cold once the temperature drops. Luckily, though, it’s nothing a cleverly-placed rug can’t fix! Rugs can help you prepare for winter in several ways: they look good and can appear wonderfully cozy, and they feel good. They can add some much-needed comfort during the winter months, and they can act as a fantastic flooring insulator to prevent any cool air from being transferred into the room from the floor. Our Sheepskin Rugs provide the most comfort, but shaggy rugs are also very comfortable and more suitable for larger spaces.

Invest in Winter Bedding

It’s important to consider the comfort and warmth of your bedroom when preparing your home for winter. If you have cotton or linen bedding and a light duvet, you’re likely going to need more than this once the temperature lowers. We recommend investing in some flannel bedding that will insulate your bed and making sure that your duvet is of a high tog to keep you nice and snug. As a general guide, a tog value of 13.5-15.0 is ideal for winter months. Of course, soft and fast pillows and cushions are also a must-have for dressing up your bed and transforming your bedroom into a suitable winter abode.

Cosy Lighting

Lighting has a huge impact on the coziness of a home and can be the difference between making a room feel welcoming or unwelcoming. Blue-toned bright lights can be harsh and create a space that feels too clinical, something which definitely isn’t going to help your house feel snugger in the winter! Instead, warm-toned, more subtle lighting can go a very long way in helping to increase your home’s coziness levels. We recommend investing in plenty of fairy lights and candles, too, to turn your home into a real winter retreat.

Check Your Radiators

More of a practical point than a decorative one, but checking your radiators is super important all the same when preparing your home for winter. After a surprisingly warm summer here in the UK, you will likely have had a long break from using your radiators. However, it’s now time for them to spring back into action, and you must check that they are working to maximum efficiency. Many UK households have gas radiators that sometimes need bleeding to remove trapped air and promote heat circulation; to do so, check out this uSwitch guide on how to bleed your radiators. Fair warning: it’s best to do this sooner rather than later so that your home is prepared when you need your radiators most! Cozy lighting combined with soft textures and warm textiles will have your home prepared for winter in no time, both in terms of practicality and appearance. When it comes to sourcing the best quality rugs for our customers, our rug trader is committed to doing just that. Traveling all over the world, our rugs have been sourced for both their quality and style. Browse our full collection, or shop by room for inspiration.

By qepdz

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